Secure Infrastructure as a Service

IT infrastructure is at its best when it's invisible: when it requires minimal management, poses no risks and scales intelligently with your business need. Secure Infrastructure as a Service from Databarracks is delivered from ex-military data centres, built from the ground up for security, resilience and control.

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Traditional IT costs



Traditional IT costs


Infrastructure as a Service costs


Infrastructure as a Service costs

Highly scalable, faster ROI
with Infrastructure as a Service

It’s simple. IT infrastructure should directly serve your immediate business interests.
Anything more, or anything less, isn’t cost effective.

With Infrastructure as a Service you can scale your servers or storage up and down immediately, without
waiting for delivery, setup and racking of hardware.

This means adding extra resources and specifying the exact performance
you need for your business critical applications.

This means getting new projects started in hours rather than weeks, and only
paying for the resources you use.

Infrastructure as a Service

Key benefits

  • No capital investment
  • Improved systems availability
  • Increased security and flexibility
  • Increased productivity through automation
  • Visible, predictable costs

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Spend your time supporting your business,
not managing your IT infrastructure

On premise infrastructure

Cloud based Infrastructure

What our customers say about us

What our customers say about us

Modular managed
cloud services

Remove operational complexity and focus on your central business activities with a custom suite of robust managed cloud services from Databarracks.

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Online Backup Solutions
  • Firewalls and Networking Services
  • Software Services
  • Colocation Services

"60% of UK organisations have formally used at least one cloud service, with satisfaction levels sitting at an astonishing 92%"

'Guide to buying Cloud Services', Cloud Industry Forum


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