AWS support services overview

Whether you are already using AWS or are planning your migration, Databarracks has the tools and expertise to help you get the best performance, resilience and value from AWS.

Databarracks' talented solution architects work closely with your organisation to design and build tailor made solutions for you. From a single application up to highly complex infrastructure, we'll build, set up and support the right AWS environment for you.

Already using AWS?


Security review Yes
  • Review and redefinition of security groups, VPC, IAM, perimeter assessment and encryption.
Resiliency review Yes
  • Use of Multi Availibility Zone RDS
  • Auto Scaling for EC2 instances
  • Elastic Load Balancer for all AZs
  • Application design and decoupling of services
Utilisation and cost optimisation Yes
  • Use of a blend of internal AWS services (such as CloudWatch) and external services to ensure cost optimisation
  • Load testing and right sizing of the application to handle the predicted traffic, including Auto Scaling configuration
Additional AWS services review Yes
  • Holistic review of use of AWS services such as S3 for media files, ElastiCache for caching, Route53 for control of DNS/Domains
Application deployment review Yes
  • Recommendations to improve speed and reduce the risk in your development process
Staging environment creation Yes
  • Review of Staging environment for scaling and cost optimisation and/or creation of a Staging environment

Moving to AWS?

Organisations move to AWS for four main reasons:

  • Performance
  • Resiliency/Availability
  • Cost
  • Security

However, a precondition of realising any of these benefits is to ensure you not just move, but move in the right way. Databarracks helps organisations create immediate and sustainable benefits by setting up AWS for success from the beginning.

Migration Yes
  • From in-house systems or with a pre-existing hosting partner.
  • Option for parallel deployments to minimise interruption to business continuity
Security Yes
  • Encryption
  • Setup and management of IAM, security groups and VPC
  • Perimeter assessments and reporting
Resiliency Yes
  • Use of Availability Zones & Regions
  • Recommendations for application redesign and loose coupling of services
  • Review and redesign of Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Groups.
Auditing Yes
  • Review and redesign of audit process for logs, API calls, IAM events and patch management
Cost optimisation Yes
  • Billing dashboards
  • Load testing and right sizing of applications to handle the predicted traffic, including auto scaling configuration
  • Recommendations for instance types and sizes
  • CPU and network analysis
Monitoring Yes
  • Using CloudWatch and external services for SLA management (we can also work with your existing monitoring services – running in Databarracks NOC)
Services integration Yes
  • Integration with CDN (if self-managed)
  • DNS integration (migrate to AWS Route 53)
  • Third party applications
Documentation Yes
  • Deployment process
  • Architecture and design
Responsibility and process alignment Yes
  • Aligning lines of communication with third parties and suppliers
  • Agree roles and responsibilities for o/s patching and security updates
Server patching, support and management Yes
  • Management, roll-out automation and control of reboot
Review and optimisation Yes
  • Monthly service review incorporating internal AWS tools, external tools and recommendations from your Technical Account Manager

Tools we use

New RelicApp DynamicsSplunk Jenkins

elastic Data dog CloudWatch


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