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Keeping your data ultra-secure and always available. Our data centres give you resilience and redundancy, removing all single points of failure.

Your data is kept in The Bunker – secure ex-military compounds, purpose-built to protect people from nuclear attack, now protecting data from every potential threat.

Why Databarracks?

The benefits of the cloud, protected underground with the UK’s most secure hosting outside London away from flood, terrorism and power supply risks.

All infrastructure is kept 30 metres below ground, behind concrete walls three metres thick only accessible through two-tonne steel doors and guarded 24/7.

In The Bunker, your data is stored in a facility that:

  • Is flood proof, bomb proof and immune to EMP and digital-eavesdropping
  • Is ISO 27001 and PCI compliant
  • Has Dual uninterruptible power supplies and fuel reserves to last 3 months

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