Databarracks has completed the Self-Certification against the 'Code of Practice for Cloud Service Providers' (the 'Code') of the Cloud Industry Forum ('CIF', at which the mark above demonstrates. Clicking on the mark will take you to the CIF website where supporting information for this Certification is available.

Databarracks is committed to the Code. One of the main objectives of the Code is to help ensure disclosure of essential information so that consumers of Cloud Services can make better business decisions based on this information. The information on this page addresses the public disclosure requirements of the Code.

Company Information

Corporate name Databarracks
Legal status Private Limited Company
Date of formation 28th March 2003
Location of registration Guernsey
Ownership (major shareholders)
Peter Groucutt
Oliver Mather
Tom Roberts
Members of Board of Directors
Managing Director Peter Groucutt
Technical Director Oliver Mather
Financial Director Tom Roberts
Non-Executive Director Andrew Green
Non-Executive Director Andrew Brenson
Corporate fixed address 1 Bridges Court, London, SW11 3BB


Scope Covered by the Code

Scope of services

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), backup, replication and disaster recovery services, Hosted Exchange email and consultancy services.

Geographic scope
Countries with local sales and/or support                                      
Countries where customer data may be held or processed                
Countries with data centres Customer data will only be held in the UK.


Public Branding

Alternative trading name(s) N/A
Website address(es)

Third-Party Coverage Transparency

Databarracks Ltd. does not accept any indirect responsibility for our suppliers.  Databarracks Ltd.'s suppliers do not accept indirect responsibility to Databarracks Ltd.'s customers.  Databarracks Ltd. does not accepts indirect responsibility to customers of customers

Security Control Transparency with the Cloud Security Alliance

Databarracks has not completed the Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire from the Cloud Security Alliance.

Other Extended Commitments to Code of Practice Principles & Existing Certifications

Databarracks Ltd is also commited to, and has been certified to ISO 27001 for Information Security Management and ISO 9001 for Quality Management. Databarracks has achieved the higher level of certification against the Cyber Essentials Scheme - Cyber Essentials PLUS and was the first cloud service provider to be awarded the CompTIA Cloud Trustmark+.

Industry Association Memberships

Databarracks is a member of the Business Continuity Institute (, the Cloud Industry Forum (, the Federation Against Software Theft ( and CompTIA, (

Technological Committments

Databarracks does not commit to supporting any specific technologies, standards, or inter-operability.

While Databarracks Ltd. has made the commitment to the Code, customers/third parties shall note that information or certification provided by the Cloud Industry Forum does not constitute advice from or endorsement by the Cloud Industry Forum. The Cloud Industry Forum disclaims any and all liability arising out of the use of services or otherwise of certified organizations. Where disclosed information or capabilities as specified by the Code of Practice are essential in purchasing cloud services from a certified organization, it/these should be cited contractually.  Professional advice appropriate to specific circumstances should always be obtained.


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