Keeping talking throughout disruption

In most organisations, productivity is inseparably linked to continuous email access.

Communication, collaboration, calendar access, password changes, authentication to other services – it touches everything.

The trouble is, the convenience of popular outsourced solutions like Office365 can have a sedating effect on continuity planning.



Unlimited email archive



Enterprise-class security



Email continuity



In-app continuity for Office365

Mailsphere is an enterprise-class email security and archiving tool that delivers true, seamless continuity to end users, throughout disruption.

It deploys quickly and easily between your primary email platform and incoming traffic.

From there, administrators can manage through customised portals and monitor any for any alerts, outages or disruptions to service.

If the primary email service, such as Office365, experiences intolerable disruption, administrators simply flip a switch to invoke. Mailsphere then provides secure receipt and delivery of all mail until the primary service is restored.

It’s easy to invoke and non-disruptive to fail back, and mails are still synced to the primary service mailboxes throughout.


Mailsphere Service Provider


Seamless email continuity

Users don’t learn in a crisis

Humans are creatures of habit, and changing user behaviour takes time and commitment. Existing email continuity solutions often provide continuity by asking users to access email services via an alternative client they’re unfamiliar with. Too often this unfamiliarity elicits an instinctual response: rather than adapt, users down tools until primary systems are restored.

Mailsphere’s seamless in-app continuity sidesteps any requirement that users fail over to an unfamiliar client.

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  • Unlimited email archiving in Mailsphere's securely encrypted vault
  • Enterprise-class protection against email spam, malware and viruses
    24/7 support as standard
  • Real-time threat identification
  • Guaranteed sender legitimacy through reputation and behavioural analysis
  • On-the-wire perimeter protection against DHA and DDoS attacks
  • Multi-layered bayesian and heuristic analysis of spam
  • User-managed spam quarantine
  • User-configurable rulesets and filter applications



  • Reduced, consolidated cost for email security and archiving
  • Unlimited archive storage
  • User control of spam
  • Archive portability
  • Flexible contracts
  • Improved email security
  • Simple administration
  • Easy to invoke and failback
  • Seamless continuity for users

Stop paying for features you don’t need

Email security products have become bloated, expensive and unsuited to an Office365-based business email environment.

Mailsphere ditches the bloat and instead makes critical features as robust, effective and low-cost as possible.

“Work with your business continuity group to assess whether these Microsoft-defined SLAs and service credits are acceptable, based on the potential operational impact of any downtime or other service performance issues”

Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways, 2015

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