Maintaining file data from creation to deletion is a balancing act between visibility, accessibility and cost.

Rigid borders between live, backup and archive storage environments don’t reflect the reality of the user experience.

Put simply, different files age in different ways. The data lifecycle is not a linear journey from creation to deletion – some file data moves back and forth depending on its changing criticality to the business.

File continuity is a strategic storage management strategy that ensures that users (and the organisation) can quickly and easily access the information they need, when it’s needed, without simply storing everything forever.

What is Backup as a Service?

Manage your data lifecycle

Data lifecycle

How Kazoup helps

Kazoup is a data analytics, visualisation and archiving platform that helps organisations better their file data. Kazoup seamlessly plugs in to wherever your files are stored (locally, on network file stores, on Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, One Drive and more), and feeds back intelligence on all of them as one, contiguous environment behind a single pane of glass.

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Kazoup enables file continuity in 3 ways




In seconds, Kazoup can analyse and categorise every file in your network according to both simple demographic data such as age, size, author and location, as well as more complex metrics like user access, growth rate, duplicates, and more. Kazoup outputs this analysis into beautiful visualisations, offering clear information and actionable insights. See which data is regularly used and critical to the business, and which is suitable to archiving and eventual deletion.



Policy-based archiving

Once you’ve determined data criticality, Kazoup makes it simple to design automated archiving policies that move data throughout different storage tiers depending on certain criteria. Kazoup integrates live, backup and archive storage environments into a fluid and seamless experience. This makes it easier and safer to make strategic file management decisions that eliminate waste and better serve the actual needs of your user base and organisation.



Find files instantly

Wherever your data ends up, Kazoup makes it easy for users to find it. Every file store is indexed upon discovery, so users can find any file in live, backup or archive environments in seconds.

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