How do I run a manual backup, off schedule?

  1. Open the Online Backup Software
  2. Enter Username and Password
  3. Expand the required backup set
  4. Right click on the backup set and select ‘Backup Now’
  5. Select ‘Next’
  6. Select ‘Finish’
  7. An activity box should display the progress of the backup

How can I check my encryption key is correct?

  1. Open the Online Backup Software
  2. Enter Username and Password
  3. Expand any backup set
  4. Right-click on the backup set and select ‘Validation’.
  5. In the wizard, enter the DS-Client Encryption Keys.
  6. Choose ‘Selective’ validation
  7. Select ‘Next’. If the following screen appears then the encryption keys entered are correct.

I’ve lost my encryption key. Can I retrieve it?

Security is absolutely central to the services we provide and the software we use to deliver them. We cannot reset encryption keys or retrieve any data encrypted from your account if you lose the key. We advise all customers to keep multiple copies of the key with trusted staff. Keys are made of at least 16 characters and are required only for restorations – not backups. For this reason we advise all customers to validate periodically.

How do I restore data?

You can restore via the 'Restore Now' or the 'Restore' tab at the main bar. This will open a new window displaying the tree root of your files and folders. All you need to do is tick the file you want to restore and click finish.

How can I delete data?

To delete one specific file/folder go to SETS at the top menu and choose "selective delete". To delete a whole backup set, right click the backup set and choose the option "Delete". To watch the video about how to delete data on an Online Backup Software, click here.

What are “Generations”?

Each revision you make to a file creates a historical version, or 'Generation', which if stored, enable the user to restore to versions other than the most current.

What is MLR?

Message Level Restore is a plugin for Exchange and Outlook email backup which compartmentalises the mailbox into individual items, i.e. Inbox, Sent Items, Junk etc. This enables granular restoration, down to an individual email.

Can the software be set to stop backing up after a certain time has elapsed?

Yes, Online Backup Software is designed to fit specific backup windows. For example, policies can be set to stop at 8:00am, when employees are starting to arrive, or maybe by 5:00am if there is an important batch process to run.

What happens if the backup is interrupted?

If the backup is stopped manually it will reconnect and resume from the same point at the next scheduled time. If the backup was prevented by a connection drop, the software will attempt to reconnect and continue as soon as possible.

Why is my storage size increasing?

Storage increases typically occur when data becomes historical and non-imperative. Files depend on effective retention, deletion and archiving policies, or they will stay on our servers indefinitely.

What’s the most efficient way to manage my data storage?

You can setup retention rules to automatically remove data from our servers after a specified number of days once it has been deleted or moved to a different location client side.

I’ve lost a file/folder. Why can’t I find the file on the restore session?

The software displays files that are present at both the client and server sides. Deleted files that have been backed up won't display in this tab. To restore them, you'll need to choose the option "latest generation of data" after clicking on the advanced options.

Why is my backup status incomplete?

Incomplete backups are most commonly caused by power saving functions such as hibernate or standby. Make sure these are turned off on relevant hardware.

Can I backup more than one computer?

Yes, you can back up as many computers as you need at no extra cost. We only ever charge by data volume, not by individual machines.

How do I check the amount of data I’m storing in your servers?

  1. Open the Online Backup Software
  2. Enter Username and Password
  3. Select ‘Reports’ from the drop down list
  4. Select ‘Backup Sets’
  5. Select ‘Print Preview’ to view a report showing the different backup sets and the amount of compressed data stored. ‘Stored Size’ shows the amount you’re charged for.

How do I check my account backup activities?

  1. Open the Online Backup Software
  2. Enter Username and Password
  3. Select the Activity Log button (5th from top left)
  4. Select ‘Find’
  5. View the displayed activity list

Disaster Recovery

Can you protect my physical server?

Yes, as long it's running!

Can you protect my virtual environment?

Yes, we natively support VMware replication, other environments will be treated as physical

What is the minimum internet connection required?

There is no minimum – it depends entirely on how much you are replicating and what kind of RTOs and RPOs your business continuity plans require – how much data your changing, how many VMs, target SLAs etc.

How quickly can you restore my data?

Our target SLAs vary depending on how many machines are protected and whether they're physical or virtual. For individual figures, please get in touch.

How do I recover all of my data?

  • Customers using hybrid solutions have the ability to recover from their site, for a loss of a server. They can also perform test recoveries. However, if they lose their whole site, they have to raise a service request to failover into Databarracks’ sites.
  • Customers using Databarracks’ IaaS platform receive a fully managed service

Who can see the data at Databarracks?

Nobody. Your replicated virtual machines remain offline until the point of failover.

Can I access my DR and trigger restores from a remote site?

If you're able to remotely access your main site, then you can run tests and trigger restores as normal. However, if not, this will require you to raise a service request with Databarracks

Can I failover part of my systems and replications?

Yes, we can recover individual servers. For more granular file and application based protection, we recommend using Databarracks Backup Services

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