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Disasters don't happen every day, so why pay for a disaster recovery solution that charges as if you are constantly recovering?

DRaaS from Databarracks brings instant peace of mind to computing at a fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery solutions. Using our flexible and scalable infrastructure, there's no need for duplicate hardware, and no more overprovisioning or wasted resources.

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"Organizations with high potential business impacts from disaster and weak IT DRM capabilities should request a sufficient budget to quickly align IT DRM with business requirements"

'How to Best Align IT Disaster Recovery Capabilities to Reduce Midsize Business Risk', Gartner, 2012

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Align the price you pay
to the resources you consume with DRaaS.

By leveraging our infrastructure platform, you get access to the hardware you need only when you need it.
This is 70% cheaper than traditional disaster recovery.
Recover instantly, and from anywhere, using a mirror of your live infrastructure environment,
switched on at the point of failure.

Cost vs usage for traditional Disaster Recovery


Traditional Disaster Recovery costs

Cost vs usage for DRaaS



Disaster Recovery as a Service costs

Benefits of DRaaS

Planned, delivered and managed...


Disaster recovery technologies don't protect your organisation from disruption. People do.

Technology might be the safety net, but it's our engineers that hold it up. Pulling the trigger on a "one-click failover" solution sounds great on paper, but it betrays the very real complexity involved in designing a service that actually keeps your organisation running in the face of disruption.

UK Data Centres

  UK data centres

Hosted from The Bunker, our disaster recovery solutions are the most secure in the UK.

Unbeatable RPOs

  Unbeatable RPOs

In-built WAN optimisation allows DRaaS to reduce your RPOs to minutes.



Integration with VMware's vCenter means minimal management and instant testing of disaster recovery plans.

24/7/365 Support

  Constant support

Support is integral to DRaaS from Databarracks. From the very beginning you'll have 24/7/365 access to your dedicated technical account manager and a direct line to the service delivery team.

What our customers say about us

What our customers say about us

Simple replication tools

We know how complex IT environments have become. DRaaS is designed with high levels of customisation built in to cater to different requirements, down to individual workloads.

We’ve selected a range of software that strike the perfect balance between being intuitive to manage when systems are up, and dependably powerful when business continuity is disrupted.


Disaster recovery isn’t just about digital resilience: a solution can only ever be as effective as the secondary site.

Databarracks DRaaS uses the same military-grade security as our Secure Infrastructure as a Service platform. Our systems are housed 30 metres below ground in an ex-military nuclear bunker with months' worth of backup power. It's flood-proof, bomb-proof and resistant to EMP and electronic eavesdropping. There's no place more resistant to disaster in the UK.

Remote access

More than technology, disaster recovery solutions are about enabling your workforce to stay productive throughout exceptional circumstances.

Practically this means ensuring that whether from home or from a backup site, your employees can access the systems they need on the devices available to them.

With DRaaS, we can design and implement a thin client set up to ensure you meet your RPO, RTO and, crucially, access requirements so you recover productivity, not just data.

Real, measurable recoveries

RPOs and RTOs are central components of disaster recovery solutions, but they aren't the only metric to use. Depending on your IT environment and the solution you choose, Databarracks can failover your crucial systems in minutes.

Because your replicated environment sits on Databarracks' IaaS platform, you can also temporarily spin up a secure testing and development environment at a fraction of the normal cost.

From The BCPcast - Episode 1: An Aptitude For Disaster

In The BCPcast, we meet the people who keep some of the largest organisations in the UK running throughout disruption. Here, Vicky Gavin from The Economist Group explains what Busines Coninutiy is.

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