Good recovery isn’t just about how fast and effectively systems are restored. When faced with a major disruption, you need a coordinated response. 

Business Continuity Incident Response can help your organisation manage that coordinated response, bringing together all the key stakeholders and ensure best practice is followed.  


How to request support

When you contact the Support Team to notify them about your incident, let them know you would like Business Continuity Incident Response support. Our Business Resilience Services team will contact you directly to see how best to support you. This will typically be separate from the recoveries our Support Team will be working with your IT Team on.  

The Business Continuity Podcast

Vicki Gavin is Head of Business Continuity for The Economist. In this episode we discuss some of the major incidents she has handled and how to deal with the natural, human fight-or-flight response called ‘panic’.

This is an excerpt from her story about the perils of unreliable backups.

Full episode

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