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Commvault is a recognised global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, and data management across any hybrid environment.

Commvault gives you a mature and developed product with a big range of functionality. It protects data from multiple sources and can send data to all the major cloud providers.

Why Commvault

We recommend Commvault for a number of different use-cases. It is excellent for backing up large data volumes into low cost object storage across different cloud vendors.

It is equally great for large enterprises with a large range of systems to protect. Commvault works for retention and compliance – giving you sensible management of backup data as well as archive.

A key part of Commvault’s appeal is its ability to spin-up servers within the same storage footprint as the backups. This gives you efficient use of cloud resources, reducing your costs.

How we set up Commvault for you

Commvault has a vast feature-set for you to draw on. Our job is to help you get the most out of it - to set up and manage Commvault to best serve your business.

You tell us what you want to achieve. Then we design the solution to make it happen.

This includes:

  • Finding the right storage tier and cloud provider to meet your cost and recovery needs
  • Installing your on source-side infrastructure and agent
  • Managing your target-side infrastructure and software, including building for resiliency and scale

Commvault is flexible, you can set up two cloud targets using the same cloud service provider, in the same location, across different locations or across multiple providers. 

We’ll work out the right choice for you, taking into account your bandwidth and egress charges, to design the most resilient solution whilst maintaining costs.

Commvault Metallic

Metallic, a division of Commvault brings you our powerful, enterprise-grade backup and recovery technology through simple SaaS delivery.

Proven Commvault technology with built-in best practices means you’ll get fast, secure backups and speedy, granular restore to protect you against data loss.

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