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Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) gives you access to the same infrastructure that serves billions.

Google’s cloud service is built on its vast experience of providing search, video and software.

Get access to the infrastructure used to deliver those services, with global Load Balancers that scale to 1 million+ users instantly and Google’s private, distributed backbone between data centres.

Why Google Cloud Platform

Why Google Cloud Platform

Google is the leader in high-scale cloud computing and it has re-invented the way you pay for cloud usage. Tools such as Kubernetes, MapReduce and TensorFlow have grown beyond Google and into default tools at your disposal.

For low cost, GCP gives you innovations like per-second billing and sustained-use discounts that offer optimal pricing without locking you in.

You also get the flexibility of custom machine types and special pricing for certain use cases.

These combine to give you the best price-performance available from any cloud provider.

Plus, get insights from your data using Google’s tools:

  • Cloud Natural Language brings you learnings from unstructured text.
  • Use the Cloud Vision API to gain insight from images powered by ML.

Use Cloud TPU to access the same accelerators Google use to develop world-class machine learning products.s

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