Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery gives you peace of mind

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) combines the best of cloud computing and expert support for systems-uptime.

We all face a growing need for systems-uptime.

Customers, suppliers, partners and regulators expect and demand it.

Extended downtime is no longer a minor embarrassment – it can significantly damage your reputation and translates directly to lost revenue.

Disaster Recovery as a Service makes this a thing of the past.


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Cost vs usage for traditional Disaster Recovery

Cost vs usage for Disaster Recovery as a Service

24/7 Support

24/7 Disaster Recovery Support

No queues or call centres. Just expert support whenever you need it.

Recovery Experts

Disaster Recovery Experts

Most people don’t make restores every day. But most people aren’t Databarracks support engineers. The experience of performing thousands of restores makes your support team true experts.

Dedicated account management

Dedicated account management

You get a dedicated engineer who is technically brilliant and personally invested in protecting your critical systems.

Committed to excellence

Committed to excellence

There’s no such thing as ‘above and beyond’ for our engineers because they only work to one standard: to keep your systems running perfectly.

How we do it

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The Business Continuity Podcast

Mel Gosling of Merrycon featured in the first two seasons of The BCPcast.

For season 2, we invited him back to share recovery stories from his time as an IT Manager and the lessons he’s learned from running crisis exercises as a consultant.

In this excerpt from the episode, Mel recalls the resistance he faced when he took corrective action to prevent an incident from escalating.

Full episode

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