A personalised methodology, delivered by experts

Business Continuity as a Service is a managed continuity framework that delivers specific, proven solutions to the distinct threats you face.

In just six phases, BCaaS identifies the critical operational and technical risks facing your organisation. It then brings mitigation strategies and practical responses to address them.


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Continuity engagement over time

Business Continuity as a Service is delivered in 6 phases. It is aligned with the BCI's BCM lifecycle management practices.

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Create Continuous Continuity

Business Continuity as a Service delivers a sustainable framework for continuous continuity, ensuring plans remain relevant, effective and regularly tested.

We deliver this through the provision of expert resources that embed a deeply practical culture of continuity into your organisation. Whether crisis management and communications, technical audit, incident response, or risk and mitigation expertise, BCaaS delivers experienced professionals as a utility, enabling resilience and continuity at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

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