Design, Build, Manage and Support AWS Services

We design, support and maintain highly secure and inherently efficient AWS infrastructure that supports mission critical business functions and scales with your organisation as you grow.

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Your personal AWS experts

Infrastructure used to be about compromise between strategic objectives and available resources. Not anymore.

Bespoke, scalable computing is now affordable and available to everyone, and Databarracks is the perfect technology partner to make AWS work for you.


How can Databarracks help?

Databarracks provide two core AWS services: Design & Build and Manage & Support.

Our Design & Build services offer the creation of architecture tailor-made for application-specific needs. We ensure that performance, stability and consumption of resources are always optimal.

Our Manage & Support services help organisations leverage the flexibility and scalability of AWS without incurring the internal management overhead. Our expert technical team provide 24x7x365 monitoring and support, including pro-active incident resolution and detailed reporting.



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AWS Design and Build services

We design and build custom-made infrastructure to support everything from individual applications to entire corporate infrastructures.

We can start from scratch or review your current architecture and bring it in line with industry best practice for better performance, resilience, scalability and cost-effectiveness. Our services include:

  • A review of your existing AWS environment with recommendations to bring it in line with best practice
  • Horizontal scaling and service decoupling and reconfiguration for efficient deployment on AWS resources
  • Setup of highly scalable test and development environments
  • Architecting across multiple Availability Zones for maximum disaster recovery and resilience
  • Continuous Delivery Integration with Jenkins
  • Integration with other onsite or hosted systems to leverage existing investments
  • Firewall and security design

No obligation, no hard sell

Our sales team and technical experts are always on hand to help you weigh up the best course of action for you. Call us now to talk through your requirements and get free specialist advice on building the right cloud for your business.

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“Expanding our team to provide monitoring 24 hours a day just wasn’t operable, so it’s been great to hand that over to Databarracks’ knowledgeable technical team. It’s reassuring to know that if something goes wrong at 4am, Databarracks are going to catch it, flag it and help us respond.

Databarracks have integrated incredibly smoothly with the way we use AWS. They help us get the most out of the platform without sacrificing the technical coverage we’d be getting with a conventional physical hosting provider.

Oliver Davies, Head of Digital at UKTV

AWS Manage and Support services

Our Manage and Support services take the complexity out of the day-to-day of running your essential infrastructure.

We'll monitor the quality and resilience of your security measures, the performance of the resources and SLAs you rely on, and the development of your environment as your organisation grows.

Databarracks' AWS managed services include:


  • 24/7 proactive monitoring of application logs and databases
  • Configuration of automated alerts and recovery actions
  • Monthly reports on SLAs and performance
  • Patch management, maintenance and capacity planning
  • Scalable technical support, from a quick question to ad-hoc assistance, to total solution ownership and 24/7/365 cover

Support packages

Customer Service 24x7x365 Yes
Technical Support 24/7 Phone and Email (24/7)
Remote log on and hands on support for issue resolution Yes
Helpdesk Access (Ticketing) Yes
Named Contacts Unlimited
Architecture Support Application Architecture
Best Practice Guidance Yes
External Monitoring Yes
Direct Access to
Technical Account Manager



Response time



Priority 1 The entire Service is completely inaccessible. 1 Hour
Priority 2 Operation of the Service is severely degraded, or major components are not operational and work cannot reasonably continue. 4 Hours
Priority 3 Certain non-essential features of the Service are impaired while most major components of the Service remain functional. 12 Hours
Priority 4 Errors that are non disabling or cosmetic and clearly have little or no impact on the normal operation of the Services. 24 Hours

Migration services

Need help getting there? Our migration services ensure you migrate once and migrate right. We can migrate from existing environments, whether in-house or with a pre-existing hosting partner. We can also run parallel deployments to minimise interruption to business continuity and get your new environment stood up as soon as possible.


Our support is as scalable as your infrastructure. Whether you need proactive 24/7 monitoring, regularly scheduled reviews, or just have the occasional query, we'll work with you to create a relationship that suits your capabilities and your needs.


What our customers say about us

What our customers say about us


Tools we use

New RelicApp DynamicsSplunk Jenkins

elastic Data dog CloudWatch



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