Cyber DR launching at European Legal Security Forum

Cyber threats aren't going anywhere. The ongoing prevalence of ransomware attacks means that organisations must introduce specific contingency plans with some urgency. Outright prevention is practically impossible – attacks are maturing and evolving far too quickly, and software-based solutions are locked in an arms race to keep pace. In a nutshell, traditional DR is not optimised for cyber threats.

Our new Cyber DR service uses replication to bring a fresh, continuity-led approach to cyber security – and we'll be officially launching it at the European Legal Security Forum in London on July 12th.

Here's the short pitch: the Cyber Disaster Recovery service identifies cyber-attacks early and enables users to roll back to the last clean replication point in Databarracks' secure DR environment. It's a simple and effective solution to a historically complex and costly problem.

All the nitty gritty details will be released at the event, so come to "Cyber DR: Recovering from Ransomware" at 12:25 on the Esentire Main Stage to find out how DR can help you avoid the disruptive and financial impacts of cyber-attacks.

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