Why the new season of the Business Continuity Podcast is the best yet

It’s the time of year we go out and talk to some of the most interesting people in Business Continuity. Then we divvy up the best bits and pull it all together, until you have something that looks like a podcast; The BCPcast.

This is Season 3 of The BCPcast - we have a new presenter and a fresh roster of speakers. We don’t um and ah over theories. It’s Databarracks’ and the speakers’ intent to talk about things you can apply to the real world. We feel like that’s a better use of your time.

We’ve worked hard to bring you some really thought-provoking and challenging topics. Each 20 minute episode has contributions from across the spectrum. You’ll hear from people with a huge variety of experiences. They’ve worked for companies like MasterCard and Google, and businesses of all sizes around the world.

A lot of what’s said isn’t just relevant to Business Continuity, it’s helpful for working life in general.

It all makes for some interesting and educational listening.

I won’t tell you the episode line up for the whole series, but I’ll share the theme of Episode 1. It’s something that challenges everyone to some degree.

How do you inspire change in an organisation (and therefore people)?

How can you influence habits and culture to bring about best practice in a business, top to bottom?

In short, how do you get people to care?

You’ll have to listen to the end to hear what’s coming after.

The first episode will be released later in February, keep an eye out (or at least an ear). It will be the best one yet.

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