1. Heritage

Databarracks launched one of the first online backup services in the UK in 2003. Since then, we've built on a decade of experience designing and delivering innovative, industry-leading technology solutions.

2. Security

Databarracks’ IT services are among the most secure in the UK. Delivered via our bomb-proof, flood-proof and EMP-proof data centres, your mission critical data and applications reside 30 meters below ground in ex-military nuclear bunkers.

3. Tireless Support

For Databarracks' support engineers, 'above and beyond' doesn't exist. Your systems are either working perfectly, or they aren't, in which case we'll work tirelessly until they are again.

4. Always Available

We don't do queues or call centres. Our network of talented engineers are always available to email or call.

5. Leading Technology

We're not tied to any specific vendor. We build solutions based on a combination of the best technologies and demonstrable quality of service.

6. Simple Choices, Clear Results

Our core offerings are supported by a suite of modular managed services that reduce the costs and complexities of managing a hosted environment whilst increasing resiliency and security.

7. Compliance

Databarracks are compliant with ISO 27001, ISO9001, ITIL and IL3, and are listed on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace.

8. Transparency

Our transparent service delivery and pricing models give meaning to the word 'flexibility'. Create an environment that scales as you need it, and adapt it on the fly using our self-service portal.

9. Big enough to cope, small enough to care

A Service Level Agreement is more than just a number – it's a pact that your business relies on to operate effectively. Databarracks' blend of powerful technology, strong governance and a committed technical team mean we're big enough to do the serious heavy lifting but focused enough to support customers as individuals.

10. Qualified

Databarracks are a member of the Cloud Industry Forum, a group designed to help consumers identify credible online cloud providers via an established code of practice.

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