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It's always been our mission to match the best available technologies with the highest standards of customer service. It's not an especially complicated formula, but it's why our customers stick around for so long. It's not what you've got, it's how you use it, as they say.


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Trusted by the UK's most recognised
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"IaaS has transformed the way that we work as a business. The high
availability of data, to both employees and customers, is hard to overvalue."
Ben Fox, IT Manager, Yacht Havens

Yacht Havens IaaS case study


Help for Heroes

Legal & General

Vadar Moss case study

Yo Sushi

CNT case study

"The difference with Databarracks is in the service level. Databarracks
support engineers are able to perform remote diagnostics at
any time of day or night."
Julian Tunstall, Sales Director, CNT


Major Players

Pelican case study

Live Nation


"It was really refreshing to work with a company that wasn't just
pushing for the hard sell. Databarracks worked hard to understand
our needs, and they've been striving to meet them since day one." Mohammed Ghanty, IT Consultant, LOCSP

LOCSP case study

SYHA Hostelling Scotland

DrPete case study

Save the Children case study

Caspian One case study

Anchorfan case study


"Databarracks have integrated incredibly smoothly with the way we
use AWS. They help us get the most out of the platform without
sacrificing the technical coverage we’d be getting with a conventional
physical hosting provider."
Oliver Davies, Head of Digital, UKTV


Aegis case study

Benenden Health

Bates Wells & Braithwaite

Lexis Nexis

"Databarracks has proved that it's not just the technology that
matters when you think about data security. Their level of service and
knowledge of their product capabilities played a pivotal part which
really impressed us about their serviceprovision."
Kim Richards, IT Technical Manager, Stemcor

Stemcor case study

hpf case study

"We wanted a reliable partner. Databarracks met our requirements
due to the location of their data-centre, their technical expertise
and the professionalism of their staff, together with the comprehensive solution they presented."
Paul Sells, Technical Director, ihotdesk & HPF



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