COVID-19 Statement

We have two primary concerns during the COVID-19 outbreak – maintaining the high standard of service to our customers and the health and welfare of our staff.

What does this mean for my service?

Our aim is to ensure that there will be no difference to our service during this period.

The nature of our services mean that customer data is stored remotely, away from our office, often in multiple locations.

As standard, our team can work remotely, securely and in any normal week prior to the pandemic, approximately 20-30% of staff do so.

Our preparations in response to Coronavirus have been to ensure that a larger portion of the team (or the entire team) can work remotely for an extended period.

We anticipate that the challenges related to Coronavirus will last for several months. It is therefore important that we are prepared for action that will last for an extended period.

We do not anticipate a significant change in data recoveries or DR invocations because, like us, our customers will work remotely from their primary systems.

It is now more common for large recoveries to be carried out remotely with data transferred over the WAN. In some cases, we do still carry out restoration onto disk and physical delivery of that data to customer sites. We are prepared for these restorations using couriers but maintaining social distancing in line with government recommendations.

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