We wish disaster recovery was as easy as buying technology.

But, through hard-won experience, we know it's not. Protecting your organisation – not just any old place, your organisation – takes careful planning and ongoing management.

Nevertheless, it's good to know what's going on under the hood.

How does Disaster Recovery as a Service work?


Hypervisor-level replication

Databarracks' DRaaS replicates at the hypervisor level, which is more scalable, flexible and cost effective than traditional physical replication.

  • Fast to recover – RTOs of minutes and RPOs of seconds
  • Agentless – no strain on your environment, more secure and easily scalable
  • Continuous – replication has no impact on application performance
  • Easy to integrate – everything is virtual, so there are never any software, hardware or storage capability issues or upgrade requirements


Hypervisor-level Replication



Host-based Replication



Host-based replication

Host-based replication is ideally suited to environments which are primarily physical.

  • Fast to recover – RPOs of ≥ 15 minutes and RTOs of well under an hour
  • Easy to test - everything is segregated from the live production environment
  • Efficient – workloads are protected with impacting WAN performance
  • Leverage cloud infrastructure – regardless of the host architecture




From The BCPcast - Episode 1: An Aptitude For Disaster

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Connectivity and failover

Your connectivity to Databarracks' Secure Infrastructure platform is as important as the replication technology sitting above it, and you can choose the method that fits your needs best.

DRaaS connectivity



Backhaul connectivity

Connect to our ultra-secure data centres from two London-based points-of-presence. Use your current network provider to connect to Telehouse North or Goswell Road, and we'll provide 100MB/s backhaul to our data centres.


Data centre internet breakout

Use our data centre's multi GB/s breakout service to connect directly to your site, over the internet. Connectivity and IP transit are provided by NTL, BT, Global Crossing, Neos, AboveNet, Cogent and Level 3.

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