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One Year On: The Real Challenges and Benefits of Cloud Computing to Law Firms

One Year On: The Real Challenges and Benefits of Cloud Computing to Law Firms

Last year, both the SRA and the Law Society had yet to take a stance on law firms considering cloud services. Now, they've written up their recommendations.

We asked Commercial and Cloud lawyer at DMH Stallard, Frank Jennings, to go out and ask the industry what those recommendations might mean for the legal IT community - particularly in light of recent security revelations. How have attitudes changed, if at all?

Key Findings:

  • What the Snowden revelations mean for law firms that actively monitor data security
  • Why some legal organisations didn't wait to hear the recommendations from advisory bodies before partnering with cloud service providers
  • How this willingness to use cloud services is still hampered by concerns over governmental surveillance

Written by Frank Jennings, Commercial & Cloud lawyer at DMH Stallard LLP and Chair of the Cloud Industry Forum’s Code Governance Board.

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